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Allegiance Project Foundation

Allegiance Project Foundation

Non-profit supporting Sanger ISD

About Us

We partner with schools, local law enforcement agencies, and communities to provide top-tier security solutions, empowering everyday citizens to enhance school safety. Through community-funded security solutions, we address the funding challenges that districts face and relieve the pressure on law enforcement agencies. Join us in creating safer schools and putting the power back into the hands of parents and local communities.

Each dollar donated goes directly towards implementing our security solutions within Texas schools. Our programs provide the following:
-Highly trained veteran security officers through our partnership with Texas Veterans Commission.
-Preventative training for school districts in developing a viable Active Shooter Plan, Emergency Operations Plan, and Threat Assessment Team.
-Supplemental funding for improved security systems and access control systems.

Our training partners include former or current members of the US Secret Service, Military Special Operations, and Government Contractors.
To learn more, visit our website.

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Training with Sanger ISD Police